Medical Rebate Available

If you have a Private Health Fund, many private health insurers in Australia will provide a rebate to customers who purchase the Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band or Mamaway Ergonomic Maternity Support Belt as they are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) certified medical devices, designed to support the health and recovery of pregnant and postpartum women.

To claim, print the Medical Rebate form and ask your health care provider (GP or Specialist) to complete the form. Then send the form together with your invoice to your Private health insurer.

Your product may be claimable under one of the following categories :

  • Orthosis
  • Spinal, lumbosacral, pendulous abdomen support
  • Medical compression garments
  • Abdominal binders / External technical aids

ARTG no. 262712 / Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band
ARTG no. 275801 / Ergonomic Maternity Belt
ARTG no. 275473 / Underbust Postnatal Recovery Shaper
ARTG no. 275474 / Recovery Nursing Shaper with Build-in Crossover Nursing Bra
ARTG no. 275476 / Postnatal Recovery Shorts
ARTG no. 278098 / Posture Correcting Maternity Support Belt

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